5 Rules That Are Worth Breaking In Smaller Spaces

Homes are not built as large as they use to be built, especially in urban areas like bukit panjang where developments are getting denser and units are getting smaller. In these situations, small space decorating becomes an even more valuable design skill.

Most designers tend to dish advice regarding small spaces under the assumption that you are willing to sacrifice soul and personality in favor of the illusion of an extra few square meters of space. However, we believe that you can truly live large but still within the limitations of your available square-footage. Below are a few rules that you should break in order to get the most out of a small space. [Read more…]

4 Hari 3 Malam ke MANCHESTER, UK percuma dengan Dashing!


Walaupun aku peminat Arsenal.. Tapi kalau dapat tiket free untuk ke Manchester, United Kingdom dengan percuma.. Semestinya aku akan join.. InsyaALLAH…

Mana taknya, takkan aku nak lepaskan peluang tengok Team Sanchez (Manchester United) kena belasah dengan Manchester is BLUE(Manchester City)… ha ha… [Read more…]

Apa ada dengan Set Travel Cosmoderm?

Set Travel Cosmoderm

Sebenarnya bila aku nak travel dengan family ke mana-mana.. Semua urusan persiapan untuk travel memang bini aku yang sediakan.. Maklumlaa, aku nie manja ngan bini sikit.. Bukan nya aku tak mau buat, tapi bila aku buat.. Mesti ada “something wrong in somewhere”.. So aku lepaskan kepada yang lebih hebat untuk uruskan semua tue.. Amacam? hebat tak aku? hi hi hi..

Tapi untuk travel baru nie, Yang mana aku memeriahkan Hari Keluarga Kelab Blogger Ben Ashaari di Legend Resort Cherating(next blogpost aku cite ye.. hi hi…) Kami dibekalkan dengan Travel Set dari Cosmodern.. [Read more…]

The roadmap to deciding rent or buys a house

Deciding rent or buys a house

For many people, buying a home is a major milestone in life. Talking of home ownership, aren’t you tired of dealing with landlords? The thing about paying rent is that you will never see that money again. What you really want is a place to call your own, to build towards your future instead of working hard to enrich your landlord. You want freedom.

Of course, there are various considerations you have to keep in mind before deciding to buy a home. Owning a home comes with various cons and responsibilities that require deeper thoughts. For instance, you will have to pay for all the home maintenance, property insurance, and the new cost of taxes. Chances are your mortgage payment will be higher than your current rent, which may mean fewer night outs and less travel. [Read more…]